GCSE Modern History

This book covers the period 1919-1991 as this is what is covered in most specifications. It is not specific to any exam board, so check with yours to see what topics you need to know.

The peace treaties after the first World War

The Big Three 0% developed
The Treaty of Versailles 25% developed
The Consequences of Versailles 0% developed
The Other Treaties 25% developed

The League of Nations

Structure of the League 25% developed
The Humanitarian Work of the League 25% developed
The League in the 20s 0% developed
The Failure of the League 25% developed

The causes of the Second World War

Hitler 0% developed
Appeasement 25% developed
Build-up to World War II 0% developed

The Origins of the Cold War

Yalta and Potsdam 50% developed
Ideological Differences 0% developed
The West's Actions 0% developed
Berlin Blockade 0% developed

The Cold War

The Korean War 0% developed
The Arms Race 0% developed
Cuba 50% developed
The Vietnam War 25% developed
Détente and Refreezing 50% developed

Eastern Europe and the Cold War

Hungary 0% developed
Czechoslovakia 0% developed
The Berlin Wall 0% developed
Solidarity 0% developed
Gorbachev 0% developed

The United Nations

Structure of the UN 0% developed
The Humanitarian Work of the UN 0% developed
The UN's Role in International Relations 0% developed
The Congo Incident 0% developed

Depth Study: The USA 1919-1941

The USA in the 1920s
The Boom 50% developed
Society in the 1920s 0% developed
Prohibition 0% developed
The Wall Street Crash 0% developed
The New Deal 0% developed